Start with your audience...

Social media has turned marketing on its head. No longer is it a case of telling customers what you have to sell and why they absolutely must have it. Now it's a case of building strong relationships with your customers, creating trust and loyalty, and giving them something valuable over and above what you're selling. It's being innovative - breaking new frontiers and going viral.

In a crowded marketplace, you're competing for attention not only with your direct competitors but with the thousands of other brands vying for the ear of your customer. It's harder than ever to push your messages out to your target audience. The solution? Get them to come to you...

Start with the audience and track back to the brand

Words to live by, when it comes to social. Why? Too often we use social to tell our customers what we want them to know. What we should be doing is thinking about what they need, what will be useful to them, and what's going to make them see the value in your brand so they keep coming back to you.

This is where I can help - both with ideas and execution.

What can social do for you?

  • Showcase your personality, your expertise, and your empathy with your customers.

  • Open up the dialogue and show your customers they matter.

  • Turn your customers into advocates and enjoy all that wonderful word-of-mouth.

  • Drive traffic to your website (but get the balance of selling versus non-selling right).

  • Get better SEO ranking from all your lovely shared content.

  • Save money - it's free, unlike traditional above-the-line channels.

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